SONG: Two Steps From Hell - Eria
I’m aware of the grammar mistakes in the introduction. I’m also aware that “it’s” is an abbreviated version of “it is”. I don’t need a lecture on correct English. I was extremely tired and made a couple of errors regarding grammar. My mistakes don’t take anything away from the sentiment of the introduction or video. I’m human, I make mistakes, deal with it.

This video was created by David Bayliss* 

However, the majority of the footage used in this video is the property of TS Production LLC. The footage is freely available to download and distribute around the world.

* Most of the footage is that of TS production LLC, In this video I have re-mastered the quality, added visual enhancements, effects, adding secondary objects (suns etc), music, extended the video with more clips, titles, a much more. Therefore this video was created by myself but I do not claim to own the footage. I have not mixed any of the original footage around because it was already in the perfect order. If you believe all I have done is taken the original footage and added different music, you would be wrong. The overall quality, effects and feel to the video has been enhanced. In my opinion and those who have commented.


Ruote Latina        Ruote Italia

Il portale ospita aziende, uomini e piloti e vuol essere un luogo di incontro tra quanti vivono le “ruote”, qualunque esse siano, con passione, consci del valore che l’invenzione della ruota ha rappresentato per l’umanità tutta. Seguiteci con attenzione, non ve ne pentirete.